In 1 month, discover which Digital Career & Education Provider is best suited to you!

In 1 month, discover which Digital Career & Education Provider is best suited to you!

Welcome to our one-month orientation course – an introduction to the digital skills & careers of tomorrow.

Join us to prepare your career pathway to the top of the ladder in the economy of the future.


We want you to pick the digital skill & career that suits you best, before making a commitment to a 3-12 month bootcamp course.
Part 1
Jobs of the future
Get excited as we look into the jobs of the future, the skills they require and the vast possibilities that stretch ahead of you. A hands-on introduction to Web Development, App Development & Software Engineering so you can learn the fundamentals and the tools that make websites & apps work.
Part 2
Working in tech
Discover what it's like to work in a digital job with an online visit to some of Germany's largest digital companies & startups. Afterwards, dive into the many channels of online marketing and learn basic marketing skills and tools with practical exercises.
Part 3
Digital skills bootcamps
Switch on a different side of your brain with an introduction to UX/UI and design. Learn the fundamental principles and processes involved in the development of apps & websites - from concept to delivery. We map out all the training options & voucher funded bootcamps that exist in Germany for your next step towards a new career. Meet them first hand, ask questions and learn how their bootcamp differs to the others.
Part 4
The next step
Our time together may be coming to an end, but your tech career is just beginning. In this stage, you’ll learn all about the tools and skills that make data analysts so valuable, and even get a chance to try them out by presenting your own data analysis. Additionally, we will cover introductions to pivotal areas such as cybersecurity and cloud computing. While the next stage of your career might seem daunting, we’ll teach you a range of soft skills and offer advice on the best training pathway for you so that you can step away from StartSteps and head in the direction of your dream job.

Community & Tools for life

Our one-month compass course is just the first step of your digital journey, and you won’t have to travel that path alone. Even after you graduate, you’ll be connected to our global community for networking and industry events.
Trusted Advice & Support
We’re all about connection and collaboration from day one. Get the support, advice and recommendations you need on your journey through our classes and training with our partners up to the first day at your new tech job — and beyond.
Online Community
StartSteps is just one part of a collaborative digital ecosystem! Whether you need tips and advice from digital professionals, access to exclusive jobs and freelance opportunities, or support for your own project ideas – we know who to work with.
Tech Perks & Benefits
Numerous perks & discounts thanks to our partners within the tech network. Keep an eye out for special invitations to events and other programs too!
We work closely with 45+ Digital Career Training Providers
We’ve trekked through the digital education landscape before so the best path to get you to where you’re going. We’ll help you with our recommendations about the best academies and bootcamps after our course.
Compass Course: Digital Skills & Careers
(1 month)

From our course, into programs with leading bootcamps.

We place you within the course of your choice, with the best suited school or career bootcamp. Depending on your skills and interests. We want you to learn a skill you love, at the bootcamp best for you!
Career Foundry
Le Wagon
Code Academy Berlin
Coding Bootcamps Europe
WBS Coding School
Data Science Retreat
Comcave College
42 Wolfsburg
Headstart Academy
Spiced Academy
Code Institute
Hamburg Coding School
Learning Digital
iu Akademie
Syntax Institut
neue fische
DevHaus Leipzig
constructor learning
muse case labs
BIT - Beam Institute of Technology
Masters of Marketing
HR Heroes
Women AI Academy
Code Labs Academy
Smart Industry Campus

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